How about them spots?

15 10 2010

Leopard Desktop Icons

So one of the things I enjoy is photography. This isn’t exactly photography, but it’s something I find myself frequently doing. I decided today that I wanted to change all of my dock icons on my new 15in MacBook Pro that I just picked up earlier this week. Even though this is my second MBP I still can’t seem to pry myself off of it.

One of my favorite places for finding high definition wallpaper is at InterfaceLIFT which is where my current wallpaper shown in the sceenshot is from. In addition to wallpaper, they also have a collection of icons for those individuals who want to customize everything possible (like me) on their computer. So I spent yesterday and today searching for the perfect set of icons and found a collection of leopard print icons. Unfortunately I could only use 4 for my dock (Finder, iTunes, Apple logo, Trash Can) so I decided to try and make my own for the rest of my dock programs.

A few hours later I finished playing around in Photoshop and with a free trial version of a program called CandyBar. I think the result is pretty good for my first try and having spent only a few hours on it.

Here’s one I did on my last MBP for Christmas (I didn’t make these icons).

Chances are I will get tired of these and change them within the next few weeks/months, so I will keep you posted and let me know what you think of what I have now.